Sparq Natural Gas, LLC is accelerating America’s transition to more affordable transportation powered by a cheaper, cleaner, homegrown fuel – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Sparq connects forward-looking companies and communities to the cost savings and environmental benefits of CNG fueling alternatives for cars and trucks. Read More

Sparq Natural Gas, LLC was founded in September 2013 by three entrepreneurial alumni of Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s industry-leading Market Development group. Read More

Norman Herrera is a founder and the chief executive officer of Sparq Natural Gas, LLC. Norman is a nationally recognized thought leader and speaker on change management, alternative fuels and the ecosystem approach to natural gas market development. Read More

Tristan Adler is a founder and serves as the chief financial officer of Sparq Natural Gas, LLC. Tristan is an expert in financial modeling, financial forecasting, corporate valuation, and long-range strategic financial planning. Read More

Sufyan Qarni is a founder and chief operating officer of Sparq Natural Gas, LLC. He brings eight years of professional engineering experience in fuel system design, commercialization, and vehicle operations. Read More

The opportunity is clear. So, how best to get from where you are to where you want to be? Go with the team that has already been there, Sparq Natural Gas, LLC.Read More

Sparq’s leadership team pioneered the proven, proactive marketing strategies we use to increase CNG sales volumes and accelerate returns on investment. Read More

Sparq is a unique partner for the development of CNG fueling stations because we can supply both the intellectual capital and the investment capital needed to efficiently move from the concept stage to commercial operation and profitability. Read More

Sparq’s leadership team pioneered the proven, proactive marketing strategies we use to increase CNG sales volumes and accelerate returns on investment. Read More

Sparq is the ideal partner for fleet managers seeking a convenient, orderly, price-competitive transition to CNG fuel for some or all of their vehicles. Read More

As an innovator, facilitator and thought leader in the industry, Sparq has our fingers on the pulse. Read More

With public sector and foundation interest in clean alternative fuels on the rise, there are increasing opportunities for grants to fund pilot programs. Read More

As with any early-stage market revolution, the emergence of natural gas vehicles and fueling infrastructure creates enormous opportunities. Read More

Learn more about our collection of projects, natural gas vehicle community engagement, infrastructure developments, and testimonials that are helping Sparq a clean energy transformation. Read More

Natural gas is clean, affordable, abundant and American. We need reliable energy to meet our growing needs. We need clean energy to protect our health and the environment. And we need domestic energy to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and bring jobs to our communities. Read More

Natural gas represents the only clean energy option of adequate scale that exists today. By starting now, the expanded use of natural gas can make meaningful improvements to air quality during the next 10 years. Read More

The abundant benefits of natural gas are improving American lives and communities. We look forward to telling you more about our industry. Come find more information on a glossary of commonly used terms to introduce you to natural gas. Read More

Sparq is interested to hear from you. Whether you have a desire to offer CNG to the public, convert your fleet or personal vehicle, or propose unique transformative technology, we can work together to Sparq a natural gas vehicle transformation. Read More